Move Out Cleaning Service in Jacksonville, FL

The years of experience helping clients move out from their homes in Jacksonville, Florida, have shown us that the move-out stress can be more than overwhelming. Having to pack all of your belongings, arrange the transport to the new place and have everything organized are quite difficult tasks and when you add cleaning on top of that it is exhausting! Why not have a team of professionals do that task for you, while you take the much-needed time to take a breath? 

Pro Clean Crew will clean all your rooms from top to bottom, have every corner turned, any hard-to-reach place taken care of. Even if you have some specific requirements, we have tailored services to meet them. It doesn’t matter if you need to get your deposit back from the landlord or have a buyer come the next day, they will be equally impressed by the condition of the place.

A maid uses a vacuum cleaner to clean the sofa. She has one cushion in her hand while she holds a vacuum in her other hand.

What Does Move Out Cleaning Entail?

The purpose of the move-out cleaning session is to leave the space perfectly clean for the residents who will come after you. If you have a rental agreement and want your deposit back, the place when you leave should be as good as new. On the other hand, if the place is yours and you want to rent or sell it, you will attract more clients by having the place sparkling clean! So what to expect from the move-out cleaning session? Depending on the condition that you leave the place you will get a standard or deep cleaning session that includes:

  • Dusting and wiping all the furniture and fixtures inside and out
  • Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping the floors
  • Cleaning ceilings, windows, blinds and doors
  • Cleaning the appliances inside and out
  • Every room cleaned to the highest standards
  • Everything sanitized and disinfected

We will discuss each kind of cleaning and what is included down below, so keep reading.

What Areas are Included In a Move Out Cleaning Service?

Areas that are included in a move-out cleaning service:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • All the other rooms (living room, dining room, hallways, staircases, etc..)
  • Garage, deck, patio, porch, attic (if requested)
  • Any other room/area that you might have
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Types Of Move Out Cleaning Services

There are many types of move-out cleanings, all designed to accommodate different needs, budgets and requirements. Take a look at them, to see what type of cleaning fits your needs the best.

Standard Move Out Cleaning

If you have deep cleaned your space in recent times, maybe it will be suitable to have a standard cleaning session, that is meant more as a maintenance one. The standard move-out cleaning includes:

  • Vacuuming carpets and rugs
  • Mopping hard floors
  • Dusting furniture and surfaces
  • Wiping down mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Cleaning bathrooms (scrub faucet, toilet, shower, tub, cabinets)
  • Cleaning kitchen (countertops and appliances)
  • Cleaning bedrooms (make the bed, dust and wipe the furniture)
  • Cleaning windows and doors
  • Emptying trash bins

We can change the linens if requested or give extra care in places you think will be needed. After this cleaning the home will be left sanitized and disinfected, cleaned for any dirt, bacteria, germs, dust, allergens, and grime that can affect the next owners. To learn more about our Standard Cleaning service visit the page.

Deep Move Out Cleaning

A deep cleaning move-out cleaning session is the most thorough cleaning that you can get. It is intended for spaces that need extra care, homes that haven’t been cleaned in a while, or homes that have been completely neglected.

With this type of cleaning session, you will get everything that you get with the standard cleaning with more attention to detail and a lot more tasks included. Also, deep cleaning sessions are done with different (more powerful) products, tools, and techniques. Some of the plus tasks that are done in a deep cleaning session are:

  • Cleaning inside and out of all cabinets and drawers
  • Cleaning inside and out of all of the kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning windows, window blinds, doors
  • Cleaning vents, fans and air ducts
  • Scrubbing tiles and grout
  • Anything requested

This cleaning will make your former home feel and look brand new. Read more about this kind of service on our Deep Cleaning Service page.

Apartment Move Out Cleaning Service

Apartment move-out cleaning service is a standard or deep cleaning service tailored for apartments and condos. There is nothing in the checklist of this cleaning session that differs from the others it is just the equipment needed for the cleaning that differs. Please look at our Apartment & Condo Cleaning page for an in-depth explanation of this service.

Airbnb Move Out Cleaning Service

Airbnb & Vacation Rental Cleaning is a service that is tailored to meet the needs of the rental hosts and guests. This service can be performed between stays if the guests are for a short stay, or performed on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis for the guests that stay longer. It has the same checklist as the other ones with some plus tasks like:

  • Changing the linens 
  • Changing the towels
  • Changing toiletries
  • Leaving thank you notes

Our team will help you achieve a more inviting space leading to greater reviews from the leaving guests. We explain more on our Airbnb & Rental Vacation Services page.

House Move Out Cleaning Service

In the house move-out cleaning service we include services such as:

  • Porch, patio or/and deck cleaning
  • Any furniture that is included in that area will be dusted and wiped
  • Garage cleaning
  • Attic cleaning

Depending on the condition of the house, this cleaning can also be a standard or deep cleaning service session.

What are The Benefits Of Move Out Cleaning Services?

Hiring professionals to help you with the moving out process can be:


Having someone else take care of this exhausting task leaves you with more energy and time to deal with all the other responsibilities.


You don’t have to buy cleaning products or equipment for any hard stains or any kind of cleaning. Also getting the deposit back from the landlord can sometimes be a hard task, as they tend to find all the little things that you might forget to clean and leave behind. If you are selling the space its value will be greater if it looks clean and well-maintained.

Personalized Service

As every property is different, so are the cleaning needs for it. You can choose from many options regarding the type and frequency of the cleaning sessions. Adding extra services and having special requests isn’t a problem with Pro Clean Crew.

Stress Reduction

We have already determined that moving out is such an exhausting and stressful event, so having someone else help you with it is certainly reducing the stress. And knowing that the best, highly trained staff is taking care of such an important task is easing on the mind.

Thorough Cleaning

Our team has the knowledge, expertise, and the right products as well as equipment to handle the deep, thorough cleaning that moving out requires. 

Why Should You Opt For Our Move Out Cleaning Services?

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured company. Our staff is highly trained and has the knowledge and expertise for any type of cleaning in any environment. That means that your space and belongings are safe with us.

 You can read more about the excellent work we provide from the reviews of our many customers. 

We are always on time and deliver what we say we will. Plus our services are tailored to your needs and preferences, to accommodate any requests you might have.

A man and woman are packing their stuff into boxes. Boxes surround them in an empty room.


In terms of cleaning, of course, we guarantee. But having your deposit back doesn’t depend only on the cleanliness of the property. If there was any damage or maintenance issues before the cleaning session we cannot help there.

Yes, move-out cleaning services can provide a receipt or proof of cleaning for property managers and landlords, you just have to request one upfront. We also provide printed checklist of what has been done to your home, and you can request before and after pictures of the property.

Yes, you should so our cleaning team can prepare for the “challenges” they might come across. Some examples of challenges are: 

  • Pet hair
  • Hard stains and mold
  • Allergies 
  • Bad odor