Apartment cleaning in Jacksonville, FL

No doubt, if you’re living in an apartment in the Metro Jacksonville area, you try to make the most of your time. Not to mention that most likely you need to make the absolute most of your space, which is probably limited. Why struggle to try to stay on top of your apartment’s cleaning chores? No doubt, you have better things you could be doing with your time. Not to mention, with apartments being smaller than houses, they seem to get dirty faster and the clutter is so much more noticeable. If you don’t stay on top of these things, then you can really fall behind and feel like you’re never going to catch up. Let Pro Clean Crew help you get back on top of things.

What type of services do we offer for apartment cleaning?

Pro Clean Crew offers ALL of our fantastic services for your apartment.

How much are our apartment cleanings?

We offer a simple, extremely easy-to-use online booking platform that can show you exactly how much your services will cost before you book them. Just go to our website, answer a few simple questions about your apartment: how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and approximate square footage. With just that information, we can give you an exact price instantly. It also shows you all the optional add-ons you can select and the quote updates depending on which ones you select. Once you’ve selected your services and you’ve chosen your date and time, you can also pay for your services right in the platform with a credit card. We’ll just place a hold on your card and wait to charge you until after we’ve competed out services.

Why is Pro Clean Crew the best cleaning service in Jacksonville?

We only employ the best background-checked, vetted professionals. They’ll show up to your apartment on time and eager to work. They’ll also bring all the required equipment and products, so all you’ll have to do is sit back and relax while they clean your apartment. They’ll undoubtedly have your place cleaned better and quicker than you can typically get it done. We also back ever service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the job we’ve done for any reason, just let us know and we’ll send another crew out ASAP to perform the service again, absolutely free of charge!

Two different pricing options

Pro Clean Crew offers two different pricing options when booking a job.
Hourly Pricing – Just want your living room cleaned? Maybe for a party. Maybe you just want your living room and kitchen cleaned but don’t want someone cleaning your bedroom. If you book the hourly option, you pick and choose what our crew cleans when they come to your apartment. If you need to add more time once the crew is at your apartment, no big deal, just give us a call and we can extend their booking while they’re there.

Flat Rate Pricing – If you want the crew to complete a set list of tasks throughout your entire apartment, then you’ll be booking the flat rate pricing option. This way they can stay as long as they need to in order to make sure your whole apartment is clean. Either way you pick, you can’t go wrong. Let Pro Clean Crew show you why they’re a favorite in the Metro Jacksonville area.