Deep Cleaning Service in Jacksonville, FL

There has been some time since the last deep cleaning session in your home and you can see, feel, and smell all the dirt, grime, and bacteria accumulated? We understand. And we also understand how many negative feelings it can cause because it is such a hard task to start and finish. But if you live in the area of Jacksonville, Florida, you are in luck, cause that’s the place we are located in! We will come to the rescue in no time! We also provide deep cleaning services for commercial spaces so anyone can enjoy a fresh and clean space!

A cleaner uses a dish washer and a sponge to wash the dishes.

What are Deep Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning is a more intense and detailed standard cleaning session. It is intended to remove any dirt, bacteria, allergens, dust, and grime from top to bottom of your space. When you book a deep cleaning service there is “no stone unturned!” All the areas from your home or business space that are hard to reach, or were neglected through time will shine. During deep cleaning sessions, we also use different kinds of products, equipment, and techniques that are meant to remove the hardest stains as soap residue and limescale for example. If you want your home or business to feel and look brand new, you need this type of cleaning, cause with no other cleaning session you will get such high hygiene standards.

What Types of Deep Cleaning Services Do We Provide?

There are two types of deep cleaning services that Pro Clean Crew provides in Jacksonville. Residential and Commercial, because everyone deserves to enjoy a fresh and healthy environment. Take a closer look at our services below!

A maid is vacuuming an office floor. There is an office desk with two chairs behind her.

Commercial Deep Cleaning

Our Commercial Deep Cleaning service is meant for commercial spaces and businesses that need the highest level of cleanness for their space. We have a team trained specifically to handle commercial spaces, as well as equipment and expertise. Commercial spaces that we clean:

  • Offices
  • Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Medical facilities

Any conference rooms that you might have, workstations, desks, restrooms, or break rooms will be sparkly clean and sanitized. Enhance the productivity of your employees, boost their creativity with neatly organized space, and have fewer bacteria and viruses spread around the employees with one-time or recurring deep clean sessions. Clean-looking business space also attracts more customers and business opportunities, so invest in a deep clean session!

Residential Deep Cleaning

You need every inch of your home sparkling clean? Hard to reach places, neglected places? Deep Cleaning service is for you! We will perform any dusting, vacuuming, mopping and wiping down surfaces as for any regular cleaning, but with much greater attention to detail. All your cabinets, drawers and appliances will be cleaned inside and out. Tiles, baseboards, windows and doors wiped and sanitized! Let’s explore room by room what this cleaning service provides!

A maid is tidying up a living room sofa.

Bedroom Cleaning

When we enter your bedroom the first thing we will do is your bed! We will even change the linens if requested. After that, all the furniture(nightstands, dressers, lamps, mirrors) will be dusted and wiped clean. Closets and drawers will also be cleaned outside. (inside if requested) The team will vacuum the carpets and rugs, and if there is a floor that needs to be mopped, we will also do that. The windows and the doors will be wiped, as well as any sills and blinds. On our way out we will take out the trash.

Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is one of the areas that requires extra love for all the stains that can accumulate through the years. There usually are a lot of surfaces and appliances that can have greasy, hard stains that require powerful cleaning products and techniques. Every surface (countertop) and appliance (oven, refrigerator, microwave)  will be perfectly cleaned inside and out. Any hard to reach places and fixtures will also be scrubbed and wiped. Washing the dishes or loading the dishwasher is also done. Scrubbing the tiles if there are any, then sweeping and mopping the floor. When we leave the room, everything will be sanitized and the trash will be taken out.

Bathroom Cleaning

The other area that requires extra love and effort is the bathroom. Due to all the moisture and water, there can be a lot of mold, grime, limescale and dirt accumulated. Imagine clean grout, free of mold, dirt and bacteria, and you will get just that. We have the right products and techniques (sometimes even tools), to achieve flawlessly clean bathroom. The vanity set and any surfaces will be scrubbed and wiped. The sink, faucet, toilet, shower, tub and tiles will shine as well as all the mirrors. Changing the towels can be done if requested. And last we always take the trash out of the room. You will be left with a fresh looking and smelling, sanitized bathroom in no time.

Other Areas

Any other room or area like staircases and hallways will be dusted and wiped, as well as vacuumed/swept and mopped. Any windows and doors with their blinds will get the care needed. The furniture in the rooms like tables, chairs, sofas, bookcases and TV stands will also be wiped clean. No corner will be left out.

What are The Pros of Deep Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning pros for your home and commercial spaces are endless. Let’s discuss some of them. 

Improved Aesthetics

Years of accumulated dirt and dust, grime, and limescale can be very uninviting looking and also can be damaging to your space. If you want your space to be more attractive looking you should start by deep cleaning the space and all of the existing furniture in it.

Odor Removal

By removing the dirt, dust, bacteria, mold, food, and allergens that have been accumulating you also remove the unpleasing odor that has been accumulated over time. Freshen up the space not only for looks but for smell also. We can deodorize your space with natural or fragrant products, according to your preference.

Stress Reduction

Having someone else take care of such a time and energy consuming task can reduce a lot of stress. Also, the clutter in our homes can impact our well-being so much, physically and mentally. By taking care of the clutter, you are taking care of yourself. Taking the time to relax and come home to a fresh home is the best feeling in the world.

Health and Hygiene

By having all the potential hazards to your health you are less likely to get sick. As we already said, the dirt, bacteria, dust, mold, viruses.. all of them are hazards! Sanitizing and disinfecting your space stops the spreading, improving your and your family’s overall health.

Value Preservation

To avoid damaging your furniture and appliances by dirt and dust, and also lengthen their lifespan, you should take the time to freshen them up and give them a lot of care. When you book regular deep cleaning sessions, our team does the work for you. Well-maintained space does not just look good, but it’s also worth more. No one will want to buy or rent your home or commercial space if it’s looking old, dirty and damaged.

A maid in an orange uniform is vacuuming the floor. There is a grey sofa behind her.

Deep Cleaning Checklist

As we discussed room by room we have already gone through the checklist for the deep cleaning session. But we have created one for you to download and when we are done cleaning to inspect what has been done. If you have any additional requests to make before the cleaning make sure to mention them to our team, so they can handle them.

Why Choose Our Professional Deep Cleaning Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Pro Clean Crew is a licensed, bonded and insured cleaning company with more than 3 years of experience cleaning through the Jacksonville area. 

All of our employees are trained and trustworthy, with years of knowledge and experience. Our quality assurance system ensures high-quality cleaning sessions over and over again. We are a reliable company with many satisfied customers who can guarantee for our impeccable work ethic. Plus we are flexible enough to accommodate all your needs and requests.

A maid in an orange uniform is cleaning a kitchen with a mop.


Yes, 99% of the time, any hard stains like grease stains or limescale are removed. We are using tested, high-quality products, tools, and techniques that are proven to remove any kind of stains. However, if the stain is too old or for some reason doesn’t want to be completely removed you will be informed and we will try to come up with a possible solution.

After any type of cleaning you should of course maintain your space by tidying up. Opening the windows and doors to get rid of moisture and bad odor, vacuuming or sweeping the floors, and wiping the surfaces is what is considered tidying. As well as taking out the trash.

You can pay with a card, cash, or check. We accept most major cards. Please contact us for more information about the booking and payment process.